Cryptid Creeks

Created by Hatchlings

Stop a curse with the help of nature spirits in this tabletop RPG inspired by Gravity Falls.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Progress Update + More Art
9 days ago – Thu, Feb 22, 2024 at 02:06:20 AM

Dear backers,
We're making some swift progress on the game, despite some real personal setbacks towards the end of 2023. The rules are now fully drafted, the final art assets are on their way, including the backer Eerie designs by Lucille. At the beginning of March, we'll start final playtests and editing, before Emily begins on the layout. Initially, she'll produce a quickstart so you're able to play while we wait for the printing and fulfilment. March will also be the time our anthology writers begin on The Curse of 1962. This should be a pretty painless process as the templates and guides we have for creating Curses are pretty comprehensive. 

If for any reason you didn't manage to back us during the campaign, you can now pick up the game from Backerkit. Follow the link below to the preorder store.

Beyond that, please enjoy our most recent scout designs by Lucille and our first look at the antagonistic, eldritch Peddler, by our newest artist, Crowva.

Best wishes,
Team Hatchlings

about 1 month ago – Fri, Jan 19, 2024 at 08:22:49 AM

Dear Backers,

Surveys through Backerkit will be sent out tomorrow, including space for our Watcher backers to provide their Eerie concepts. The project is going well after a difficult end to 2023 with sickness in the family, but we have just wrapped the first draft and the remaining illustrations are being completed by the team. We still hope to give you a quickstart before launch, but the system went through some heavy revisions after playtests and influence from more recent Carved from Brindlewood RPGs. We'll provide some illustration updates as we go and strive to make this a truly accessible RPG for beginners to Powered by the Apocalypse and families everywhere.

Many thanks,

Team Hatchlings

Surveys and Progress
3 months ago – Wed, Nov 29, 2023 at 12:43:40 AM

Dear backers,

Sorry for delay on the update, we are in contact with our distributors to work out shipping and fulfilment rates before we send your surveys out. We’re pushing to have a quickstart version of the game to you in the New Year and will be contacting our top backers with their concepts for Eeries next week. Here’s the latest scoutbook design by Lucille.

Best wishes,

Team Hatchlings 

Shipwright by Lucille Nual

Final Stretch Goal!
5 months ago – Wed, Oct 04, 2023 at 06:10:24 AM

Dear backers,

This morning we managed to unlock our final stretch goal and add Crowva to the art team. This feels very much like the last ingredient needed to make Creeks the best RPG it can be. The week following the Kickstarter, we’ll be working with BackerKit to get your surveys ready. If you have used an AppleID email when pledging on Creeks, could you please provide an alternative. BackerKit will struggle to send you a survey otherwise.

Best wishes,

Team Hatchlings 

Thanks and to the Final Stretch Goal!
5 months ago – Sat, Sep 23, 2023 at 08:35:24 AM

Dear backers,

Just want to say another big thank you for all the support on this project. We might just reach our final stretch goal and complete our art team. If we don't manage this, we'll at least have Crowva complete an illustration for the podcast series.

On of our fellow UK publishers, Giles Penfold has been a constant sounding board for us and they have recently launched their own Kickstarter. We thought we'd share their epic project today.

'The Vynestra Collection is a love letter to both Venice and ancient Rome, featuring a high fantasy blend with classical culture over five gorgeously illustrated books for DnD 5th Edition. There are 1,000 pages of fresh new content such as a 600+ location city setting of Deveros with hundreds of diverse NPCs, events, plot hooks, adventures, encounters, spells, monsters, rulesets, and so much more! Walk the path of the gods with Vynestra's Ember system, taking on immense divine powers that you can use to crush your foes and bolster your allies, before eventually ascending as a demigod. Embers allow players and NPCs alike to be customised far beyond the breadth of RAW 5th Edition, granting a plethora of options to explore and flourish with. And the best part? It's all done! Vynestra is ready to ship beta PDFs to backers in the month following the campaign close with physical copies arriving early in 2024.'